About Us

Our country Iran is a considerably extensive country in terms of area and population, with a wide range of cultures, customs and habits. As an import and distribution company, it has always been one of our initial targets to be able to know these various tendencies and fulfill requirements of our customers by giving them on time, efficient sevices all around Iran. This goal has been followed constantly by establishing sales and distribution offices in major provinces of Iran, signing exclusive contracts with the most optimized distribution companies in other cities and lately, establishing joint ventures with companies which have the same points of view and organizational culture. Pursuing this attitude and due to the long commercial relations between KNC food and SKAFoods which started back in 2011, both companies decided to step forward in their relations and start a joint venture. KNC FOOD is one of the most systematic, efficient and well-experienced companies in importing, distributing and marketing different ranges of foods and hygienic items with a lot of unique loyal customers. SKAFoods also specializes in importing, distributing and marketing the food products and there are lots of customers and point of sale in its portfolio. Therefore, these two companies decided they would make the best complements to guarantee an optimum coverage of Iran's extended market. The great knowledge of the market, perfectly trained sales staff and a vast coverage of sales and marketing areas in both companies would create a synergy and the awareness of all this capacity and potential, both companies announced their sisterhood in 2014. Since then, this partnership has allowed the presentation and distribution of all categories of both companies' products to both companies' markets, and as a matter of fact they are almost working as one corporation.

Our Certifications


- Certification of official membership of Iran minister of industry , mine and trade.


- Certification of official membership of Iran chamber of commerce.


- Certification of official membership of Iran's distribition industry community.

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