Supplying domestic market with quality, health-oriented products from inside and outside the country, employing motivated and educated young men and women and also utilizing latest technology in marketing and distribution of high-grade products, KNC aims to be among the top five companies of the country.


The mission of the company is to establish a win win relationship with suppliers and to win the trust and satisfaction of customers, personnel and shareholders. Also the company aims to achieve its goals which include providing service, improving the culture of trading, and also promoting the culture of consumption of high-grade, health-oriented products.

Essential values

1.Establishing and maintaining a win win relationship with suppliers.
2. Respecting customers and consumers.
3. Being determined to improve.
4. Respecting personnel .
5. Welcoming criticisms.
6. Providing professional awareness .

Khaghani Development Groups

KNC FOOD is one of the most systematic, efficient and well-experienced companies in importing, distributing and marketing different ranges of foods and hygienic items with a lot of unique loyal customers.

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